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What to look for when choosing an estate agent to sell your house quickly

Sell your house quickly without an estate agent

How to sell your house quickly without using an estate agent

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For homeowners planning to sell their home, choosing an good estate agent to help you list the property is one of the many things you have to do in preparation of finding the right seller? But, how do you choose the right estate agent? Who should you hire? Are they experienced enough to list and sell your home? These are a few questions you should have answered by the time you are ready to list your home. So, before you choose an estate agent, consider these relevant factors to ensure your home gets sold in as short a period of time as possible, for as close to the listing price as possible.

1. Shop around
Before getting valuations on the property, the first thing you should do is visit with or contact at least three estate agents. Doing this allows you to find those who are most experienced, those who have expertise in listing properties, and allows you to ask all relevant questions you need answered, to help you determine who the right estate agent is to help you sell your home.

2. Success rate with similar properties 
Has the estate agent had experience selling similar properties to the one you are listing? If so, do they typically get an offer which is close to the listing price or over the listing price? Do they elicit plenty of attention from potential buyers? You want to hire an estate agent that has experience listing and selling properties which are similar to your home. From the size of the property, to the location it is listed in, you want to hire an estate agent who has sold similar homes in the area, and has sold them in the shortest turn around time possible.

3. Are they currently listing similar properties to yours? 
Another question you need answered is whether or not the estate agent is currently listing other properties which are similar to yours (and any other type of property for that matter). Not only will this let you know whether or not they have sufficient time to list your property, it also guarantees they will be able to sell your home in less time. And, if the estate agent does have other similar properties, do they have a bank of buyers on their books looking to buy properties. Visiting the agent’s website is a simple way for you to check their current listings and to find out what their success rate is with properties which are similar to your property.

4. Proper listing websites 
You want to hire an estate agent which uses the right website to list properties for sale. Sites like PrimeLocation and other big property websites, should be used to help get your home sold in a shorter period of time. The more places a potential buyer can find the property, the easier it is going to be to get it sold. So, ask the agent whether or not they use this major site, and other listing sites, to ensure your home will get sold for the highest offer possible, and in a short turn around period of time as well.

5. Are they regulated? 
Make sure the agent you hire is registered and regulated under the National Association of Estate Agents, the Ombudsman for Estate Agents, or the Guild of Professional Estate Agents. Members in the associations sign up for a voluntary code of practice to do what’s best for their client’s interest. These agents are typically more experienced and also come highly recommended by others who have used their services in the past.

Of course you want to hire an estate agent who comes recommended. Whether a family member or a friend recently hired them to help sell their home, or whether you visit online referral sites, hiring an agent who comes highly recommended, will result in a greater chance of selling your home quickly, and for the highest listing price possible.

You don’t simply want to hire the estate agent which charges the lowest fees for services. Instead, you want to take some time to find out about their work, find out about recently sold properties, and learn about their practices, so that you hire an agent who will sell your home quickly, ethically, and will put your best interest ahead of their own.

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