Fast house sale leads

We have a large network of customer facing websites and information house sale blogs that are continuously optimised to achieve high rankings on Google, Yahoo and Bing and competing search engines. Motivated home and property sellers submit their contact details to these sites to receive offers on their property and information on how to sell their property quickly, or for a cash only sale.

These property sellers are qualified by our UK call centre to ensure they are in fact homeowners looking to sell their property before being passed to you as a lead. All this means we can supply your business with a steady supply of targeted customers who are looking to sell their house quickly at a very competitive price.

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Affiliate Partners

Ask Susan

Ask Susan are cash house buyers who are looking to partner with affiliates who can provide fast house sales leads

Quick Property Buyers WANTED

Through our affiliate network we generate hundreds of house seller enquries every week from people who need to sell their house fast. If you are a geninue cash buyer and want to buy houses quickly within a 7 -14 day window then we want to hear from you.

Sale enquires can be be sent instantly via email or via hotkey at our UK call center. Leads are generated anywhere in the UK, and our property sellers are very motivated to sell quickly. Please contact us to learn more.